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Dr Wheatley


Denys Wheatley spent many years as editor of Cell Biology International, and founded two new journals in the early 2000s, namely Cancer Cell International and Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling. All three now have new editors-in-chief; however, he remains editor of Oncology News, an updating journal for medical oncologists and cancer researchers.


Although retired after 50 years from an academic career in cancer research, he still pursues projects in Hong Kong, Ukraine and elsewhere. His experience in science and medicine is wide.


Hypotheses to explain aspects of the complexity of cancer are needed for better understanding to advance our knowledge of its biology and move towards better prevention and treatment.


Extant hypotheses are constantly being challenged and new ones need to be proposed. A journal devoted to this topic will help as a forum to bring together these diverse ideas on its nature, and this is the main reason for its inception.  


Denys would hope that many of his colleagues and their associates will take this opportunity to express some of these hypotheses, leading towards new research and widening our understanding of a complex disease.

Editorial Board

  • Ablin Richard                        USA
  • Bonfil Daniel                         USA
  • Caraglia Michele                   Italy
  • Chaldakov George               Bulgaria
  • Clegg James                         USA
  • Cragg Mark                           UK
  • Di Liegro Italia                       Italy
  • Dubinina Vladlena                 Ukraine
  • Duesberg Peter                     USA
  • Erenpreisa Katrina                Latvia
  • Hermann-Lerdon Harald       Germany
  • Jena Bhanu                           USA
  • Jiang Cynthia (Xiaohua)        Hong Kong
  • Jiang Wen                             UK
  • Kato Yasumasa                     Japan
  • Kunz-Schughart Leoni          Germany
  • Mehdipor Parvin                    Iran
  • Nagashima Yoji                     Japan
  • Nishiura Hoshi                       Japan
  • Pecina-Slaus Nives               Croatia
  • Perbal Bernard                      France
  • Pilkington Geoff                     UK
  • Pollack Gerald                       USA
  • Reines Brandon                    USA
  • Sonneschein Carlos              USA          
  • Stasyk Oleh                           Ukraine
  • Wheatley Sally                       UK
  • Zaporozhan Valery                Ukraine


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